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According to the text, Understanding Genre, genre is defined as, “a compositions kind, category, or sort. Genres give us a way to categorize or describe types of compositions”. Genre helps us organize subjects and bring them into one group. At times it can be difficult to categorize genres because they often change according to how people use them. There are three kinds of purposes’ for genres which include to present a narrative/ to tell a story, to inform, or to persuade. The type of purpose you use depends on your audience, referring to Understanding Genre, every time you compose you do so for an audience. People commonly get tired of a reading if it doesn’t grab their attention so in order to keep an audience you need to serve your purpose in an interesting manner. The way(s) an author portrays a genre are called genre conventions.

In chapter 1 of Multimodal projects it states that multimodal is a combination between multiple and mode. Mode is a way of communicating, therefore multimodal is how we combine multiple different ways of communicating in everyday life.

Referring to “Why Rhetoric”, rhetoric is a way of thinking about how we talk and it’s about the spaces in which we write, converse, share ideas, and debate. Withing rhetoric there are three major concepts Aristotle said needs to be used to be an effective communicator which are, Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. Ethos is the credibility that a speaker or writer brings to the subject that he/she is communicating about. Logos is the appeal to reason, to the forcefulness of a well thought out and well structured position. Lastly, Pathos, is the use of emotion in debate or argument.