Air Jordan 5 x Supreme
Supreme x Nike Air Max 98
Air Jordan 1 "Fragment"
Air Jordan 11 "Grey Suede"
Air Jordan 6 "Carmine"
Yeezy 2 "Red October"
Air Jordan 3 "True Blue"
Air Jordan 4 x Undefeated
Air Jordan 4 "White Cement"

Sneakernews is a page that posts about upcoming sneaker releases and big things happening in the sneaker community. Their posts contain a picture of the shoe or news in the community as well as a link to their website where people can find out more information about the subject.

Within one post there are three different types of modes, or communicating, which are a picture, link to an article, and the text in the post itself. These also make up the genre conventions of the page. The genre of Sneakernews is shoes in a social networking platform. The genre conventions, things that make up the genre of the page, range from who follows/likes the page, articles, pictures, and events they participate in or host.For the past 11 years that Sneakernews have been on facebook they built up a following and trustworthiness in the sneaker culture. They became a well known and trusted source because they never failed to be an effective communicator. Their ethos have been unquestionable because they get all their information directly from the brands they’re advocating on their page. They constantly update their articles to make sure they’re up to date with what’s going on. When Nike released a very limited Jordan shoe, the “Kaws” 4, they were the first to post about it with info straight from Nike on what the concept/background of the shoe and where or how to buy it.

Secondly, the page wants to make sure they aren’t just narrow minded on their audience and focus on the hardcore sneakerheads. This is where Pathos comes into play because they post about brands all across the board. Nike & Adidas might take up the majority of their posts but they also touch on other brands such as Converse, Vans, Under Armor, and many others. Their audience isn’t just the hardcore sneakerhead but people that have a love or interest in sneakers.

Moreover, Sneakernews also has a second un-intended audience and purpose. The companies that are featured on the page can be seen as a secondary audience because they would want to see how their products are being displayed and viewed to Sneakernews’ vast audience.Their secondary purpose can also be to persuade their followers into buying the products they showcase. Out of all the brands out there they choose specific items from certain brands for a reason. Sneakernews has been built into a trusted sneaker source so people can believe that if it’s good enough to be talked about by them, the products have to be good.

In Conclusion their multimodality and rhetoric appeals have kept them at the top of credible sneaker sources with a following of over 6 million people on all their social media pages.